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DSMC acts as independent advisors to ship owners and cargo charterers. We source reliable vessels for ocean transportation of cargo, market the tonnage to prospective clients of the ship owners, negotiate the terms of the fixture, use the knowledge and experience to strike the best possible deal and follow the contract until completion. We spend considerable time and effort to build trustworthy relationships with the owners and charterers.

Along with a database of worldwide network of contacts, we also have a vast pool of market information that we share with their clients time and again. We maintain updates and analyses the latest information to make insightful predictions on market conditions. We strive to find suitable vessels and the best freight rates for charterers. We are able to advise the ship owners the type of goods for carriage, the route, market information, the rate etc. And thus have sufficient expertise to render Business support services to ship owners/ Charterers as a broker.

DSMC is also act as Ship broker to buyers and sellers of the various type ships.