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DSMC as Approved By DG shipping Govt of India RPSL licence No:- 162080, MLC 2006 ,Valid from 08/12/2021 to 08/12/2026, Member of “FORWARD UNION OF INDIA”

DSMC Management ensures FOR Ship owners /operates /Managements To providing the skilled ,HIGHLY EFFICIENT, trained seafarer as per STCW 95 Conventions, as amended , supplying of INDIAN Deck , Engineers, Electrical Officer ,TME, Cadets, Galley Stewards, Cooks, Fitter, Training OS, Training Wiper, AB’s, Oilers, crew at competitive for Main Fleet, Off-Shore Vessel For Various Types Of Vessels Tankers, Bulk Carrier,Cargo,Car Carrier, Containers, Passenger Ship & Offshore Vessels.

We are involved in Crew Management services for various clients and supply officers and crew for all types of vessels.

Efficient Crew forms an essential component of every maritime activity. Without exact and precise training and International Maritime Competency, the entire process of shipping may not bring the desired success. We understand the very essence of efficient crew on-board and ashore and thereby streamline our service procedure to strain out the best potential from the hoard of applications.

Depending upon the nature of shipment and type of vessels, we engage highly formidable and trained human resource for every technical and non-technical operation. Our experts are teamed up with adequate proportion so as to offer the best solutions for maritime management with a competent note of success. We offer entire Crew Management solutions as per the nature of the shipping requirements and can also extend our support for manning specific requirements. Quality is the first thing that we focus and ensure that you receive nothing but the best!


1. We are specialized in selecting crew staff in the cadres as below :

  • Master/Captain-MT
  • Chief engineer – C/E
  • Chief Officer – C/O
  • 2nd engineer -2/E
  • 2nd Officer – C/O
  • 3rd engineer -3/E
  • Trainee wiper-TW
  • 3rd officer -3/OO
  • 4th engineer -4/E
  • Pumpman -PN
  • Junior Officer -J/O
  • Junior Engineer -J/E
  • Engine Fitter –E/FT
  • Bosun -BNO
  • Electrical Officer -ETO
  • Chief cook -CC
  • Able seaman -AB
  • Electrician -ELEC
  • Assistan cook -AC
  • Ordinary seaman -OS Assist.
  • Electrician -A/ELEC
  • First cook -FC
  • Trainee seaman -TS
  • Oiler -OLR
  • Second cook -SC
  • Deck Cadet -DC
  • Wiper –WPR
  • Mess boy -MB
  • Welder –WLDR
  • General steward -GS

2. Our selection procedures strictly adhere to the STCW 2010 conventions and ISM codes.

3. The company follows the one nationality as well as mixed crew policy as per client’s requirement. Hence most of the crew are one nationals and speak marine English

4. We strictly service those crews who have good communication skill, well educated, trained, disciplined and hardworking.

5. The selection of best candidates is done by taking into consideration the type of vessel, cargo carried, trade route, past experience of the candidates on similar type of vessels, etc.


Company believes that a good crew management is the result of proper training and knowledge. We ensure that every crew member serviced should get good standard of training and qualification before joining the ship.

Download application form : Click Here